Hello, my name is Na'ama Asido. I am an eclectic model and actress. I model almost everything to fashion, runway, commercial, catalogue, editorial, couture, sports, beauty, and much more. My catch phrase for modeling tends to be "it's all good" as I wish to capture the productions team imagination as best as I can. Perspective is everything and I love learning about the way others see things. I have modeled in New York City, North Carolina, Washington DC, Atlanta, GA, and Israel so far but I would love to branch out farther all over the world. My mother agency is Connections Model and Talent Agency in Hickory, North Carolina.  

About Me:

I am Moroccan Israeli American born in Goa, India but I mostly grew up in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. I am a dual citizen of Israel and the United States so every few years I go to model there :)I love all the different countries I am from and I want to one day create cross cultural educational classes. In our beautifully ever expanding world I believe it's important to not only respect ones own culture but respect the cherished differences that make up so many others.

I grew up in the psychedlic trance scene starting my journey in life in the beaches of Goa, India. My parents traveled for seventeen years in south east Asia, Europe, Israel, and abroad creating music festivals. Growing up going to festivals only engulfed me more in the idea of empathy and compassion. Growing up with parents who ran festivals also allowed me to learn quite a good bit about entropy and the disorderly order that humously is life.

Japans harijouku style, steam punk glory, and NYC business casual truly drew me to fashion in the beginning. The A line skirts with chiffon blouses to almost costume worthy fantasy brought me to a world I still cannot wait to explore more and more everyday. I started modeling in the late Spring of 2015 after I was randomly recruited. Not long after I signed with my manager Dorothy Houston. I fill up most of my days with creating if its not art, food, or new experiences. I still absolutely love to study about cross cultural dynamic, world history, and space. Scientists are brewing some crazy stuff y'all its awesome.


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Peace, Health, Prosperity and Love,

Na'ama Ella Asido