Hello, my name is Na'ama Asido. I am an eclectic model/ actress with modeling industry experience in the United States and Israel. I model almost everything to fashion, runway, commercial, catalogue, editorial, couture, sports, beauty, and much more. My catch phrase for modeling tends to be "it's all good" as I wish to capture the productions team imagination as best as I can. Perspective is everything and I love learning about the way others see things. I have modeled in NYC, NC, Washington DC, and Israel so far but I would love to branch out farther all over the world. My mother agency is Connections Model and Talent Agency in Hickory, North Carolina. If you are curious about my work ethic check the comments below from reputable photographers, designers, MUA, hair, stylists, and other models. I am currently booking in advance. 


About Me:

    I would describe myself as fun, intuitive, adventurous, and pragmatic. I am Moroccan Israeli American born in Goa, India and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. I love to read about history especially about socio political or socio economic successes or problems. I am in the process of going to school for International Relations Conflict Resolution with a minor in Educational Studies. I graduated from high school six months early with a 4.0 and a college credit in US History. I was discovered as a model after a dishwashing shift when I was 19. I use to be a professional Garde Manger and I actually did a photoshoot for a feminist Chef wear company based in California in one of the restaurants kitchens I use to work at in Asheville, NC. I have been vegetarian for ten years.

    I come from a pretty big family. I have a forturnal twin sister named Aliza and two older brothers named Yishai and Adam. My parents helped develop the music scene in Goa, India which has spread all over the world under the name Psy- Trance. I grew up understanding work and play must be in balance to truly enjoy life and it is something I preach. I am very social. I love to have interesting discussions with people but I can always ambivert my way quietly into a room to just relax if i need be/ want too. Even though I find this to be very hard one of my favorite things to do is get lost in a huge crowd. When i’m not modeling, I like to study other cultures, dance, experience new things, read, and enjoy fine healthy foods.


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Photographer: Micah Mack
Model: Na'ama Asido
Here is a blog post from my dear friend and trusted photographer Micah Mack that he wrote about me. One of the kindest souls he is:

Photographer: Max Ganly
Designer: Accentuates Clothing by Diane Gardner
MUA: Vanessa Sogan
Hair: Britton AtLola and Danielle Snyder
Models: Andrea Kleinke, Deanna Tipton, and Na'ama Asido
Wardrobe Assistants: Emma D and Whitney Diane
Photographer Assistants: Elliot Schwartz and Steven
Bow and Arrows: Artemis Archers (Alexandra Tait and Kathleen Klawitter)
Shield courtesy of Warriors of Ash

Photographer: Kate Johnson
Model: Na'ama Asido

Peace, Health, Prosperity and Love,

Na'ama Ella Asido